A plant-based diet is delicious


A plant-based diet is delicious

With the abundance of plant-foods we enjoy today, and the increasing variety of vegan & vegetarian products on the market, plant-based products can, not only, be high in nutritional value, but also delicious and filling.

It is a gastronomic journey to new flavors and cultures from the whole world. A 2018 study, from Mintel, on adults from the USA, showed that 52% of the responders prefer the taste of proteins that originate from plants and not animals!

Today, more and more consumers are reducing their consumption of meat, dairy, and eggs due to their effects on health, animals, and the planet. This dramatically increases the demand for alternative, plant-originated, products. For example, vegetable milks have been consumed for centuries, but their demand has skyrocketed over the last decade. In addition, meat alternatives, like vegetable burgers, and sausages have been constantly improving their flavor and are now very hard to distinguish by taste, from their meat-based equivalents.

This day, there are many maps you can consult to lead you through the journey of taste – many people try recipes and share them through modern social networking tools, so there is a huge, inexhaustible variety of flavors and colors to choose from for your kitchen and palate.

And if, leaving behind your favorite recipes scares you, there are many traditional recipes that have been transformed to vegan using some clever secrets.

You may also find many of them in the recipes we recommend here, on our website.

Check out our recipes.

Everyone’s small steps toward veganism can make a difference in the long-term picture of human evolution on the Earth.

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