A plant-based diet can reduce inequality


A plant-based diet can reduce inequality

While human population grows, the pressing question is, how to feed it in a sustainable way. A plant-based diet can help ensure a fairer distribution of food-related natural resources and a sustainable food supply for all. 

Poverty, hunger, water scarcity and environmental disasters are on the rise as the world population grows. The unequal distribution of resources is widening and the gap of inequality between people is dangerously expanding. Recently, the experience of the unequal distribution of COVID vaccines, simply proves that nothing has yet changed in the 21st century.

According to recent UN research, approximately 800 million people are currently malnourished, while 2 million people are obese! In a world that is expected to reach a population of 10 billion in the upcoming years, the problem of fair nutrition seems hard to resolve. Resolving it means ensuring reliable access to food for everyone, to ensure their health.

The reality of the southern hemisphere shows an example that should be avoided – large territories are used by soybean monocultures, intended to feed animals in livestock farms of the West and China, while at the same time the fish from the oceans are used to feed mainly Europe and America.

Ιn the DW’s documentary called “Soyalism” you will see the exact way, that pig breeding and the soy cultivation intended for their feed, is condemning the poor in deeper poverty. 

For the poorer parts of the world, meat, eggs, and milk wouldn’t be necessary, if they could grow a variety of crops on their land that is capable of feeding the local population. But the modern lifestyle of meat-eating and over-consumption of the “developed world” condemns them to poverty and hunger. 

To the question of feeding the growing population, we answer by turning to vegetarianism – growing crops for human consumption (rather than feeding the animals intended to be eaten by the rich), means less waste of resources, less pollution, less antibiotics, a smaller carbon footprint, which comes from the long-distance transport of goods, and fairer distribution between rich and poor countries.

Moreover, it is a journey of discovery and flavors that we encourage you to start, by trying our tasty vegetarian recipes.

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