Why Veg

Why Veg

We consider our health and well-being of animals; we want to reverse climate change and we are bothered by the great wealth gap that has condemned a large part of the population to poverty.


We also want to discover fascinating vegetarian flavors that are, in no way, inferior to meat. For all these reasons we put vegetarianism on our plate, every day!

For the good of others.


An average person in the West consumes thousands of animals during their lifetime, the majority of which come from livestock farms.


Our diet plays an important part in protecting the environment. We only have to consider that a diet rich in meat, requires three times the natural resources of a plant-based diet.


While human population grows, the pressing question is, how to feed it in a sustainable way. A plant-based diet can help ensure a fairer distribution of food-related natural resources and a sustainable food supply for all.

For our own good


As it is pointed out by many studies, a plant-based diet, can provide significant benefits to the human body, and may lead to the prevention of many of the “diseases of our era”.


With the abundance of plant-foods we enjoy today, and the increasing variety of vegan & vegetarian products on the market, plant-based products can, not only, be high in nutritional value, but also delicious and filling.