Purpose of creation

The Hellenic Vegetarian Αssociation’s (HellasVeg) founding cause is to highlight and promote the vegetarian way of life, to everyone, without exclusions and dogmatism, and to inspire them in taking part of the responsibility that today’s person should carry for himself, the planet, and our ecosystem. 

Regardless of one’s reasons (improving or preventing general health, tackling specific health problems, ethic concerns towards animal cruelty and human beings living in the verge of poverty, protecting the environment), we can contribute to a positive direction by altering some habits in our everyday life.

The small steps every individual can take, can make a difference in the big picture of human evolution on the Earth.

This path is not unhindered, since all the years of different practices, and the negative stereotypes around veganism cannot easily be transformed. This effort is also obstructed by fear of the unknown, and the internal resistance to change that characterizes us. And of course, there still is ignorance about food, its production processes, and the conditions of vegetarianism.

To overcome these obstacles, we take active action as HellasVeg, and we seek the largest possible number of people to stand by our side.


The Association’s main efforts have 4 key directions:

  • Promoting the pros of vegetarianism that are related to health, animal welfare, planet protection and battling poverty.
  • Providing information to overturn lies, fear and stereotypes around vegetarianism.
  • Supporting people who are currently making the transition from meat-eating to vegetarianism and need encouragement, counseling, and assistance in the process.
  • Participating in the European Vegetarian Union to cooperate, get informed, and take part in the shaping of the general environment in a modern, international society.

European Vegetarian Union

European Vegetarian Union logo

HellasVeg is a member of the European Vegetarian Union, a European Federation of bodies seeking to promote vegetarianism in Europe.

The initial ideal for the EVU was born during the first European Vegetarian Congress in Cervia, Italy in February 1985. The plan was presented in December of the same year to representatives from 7 European Countries in Brussels, to lay the foundations for the cooperation. This is where the EVU came from in 1988, which is now based in Kaiserslautern (Germany), the Secretariat in Vienna (Austria) and the Central European Office in Brussels (Belgium).

EVU conducts important work, either at the Centrals in Brussels, or locally through its members which are, organizations across Europe, like us.

The President of EVU, Mr. Helix Hnat, welcoming the official decision for the admission of Hellasveg into the family of the European institution, in March 2021, stated: “We are very pleased to welcome HellasVeg as the newest member of EVU, not only because Greece is an important food producer in Europe, but also because many vegetarian recipes from the Greek cuisine have been highly valued for centuries”.

You can read more about the EVU on their official website at https://www.euroveg.eu/

Contact Us

For more information, you can contact us, using the following methods:

Vegetarianism means: Pro animals. Pro health. Pro environment. Pro taste.