Extensive media coverage of HellasVeg’s research on the eating habits of Greeks

There was extensive coverage by mass media of the primary research conducted by HellasVeg, in June 2022, regarding the eating habits of Greeks, based on the consumption of meat on ...
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vegetarian diet

Press Release: HellasVeg announces a study on the vegetarian dietary habits of people in Greece.

The Hellenic Vegetarian Association (HellasVeg) was founded in Thessaloniki in 2021 with its main goal being the promotion of vegetarianism, at a national and European level.Within its first year of ...
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Strategy ‘’farm to fork’’: One more victory for the plant-based industry

After HellasVeg and EVU’s intervention towards Members of the European Parliament to avoid the suggested amendments that affected in a negative way the plant-based sector, the initial text of the ...
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Dietary choices with devastating consequences

Nowadays, we are facing unprecedented phenomena occurring in the planet. Powerful earthquakes, conflagrations, floods, are some of the most characteristic examples of those phenomena. However, the environmental disaster is caused ...
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eu cancer plan

Europe’s beating cancer plan with veganism being the alliance

In the introduction of a thirty-one-page document, European Union notices that approximately three million European citizens are diagnosed annually with cancer and almost one million passes away, the total annual ...
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