Hellenic Vegetarian Association

HellasVeg’s Cause

Our cause is to highlight and promote the vegetarian way of life, to everyone, without exclusions and dogmatism, and to inspire them to take part of the responsibility that a contemporary man carries for himself, the planet, and the ecosystem. HellasVeg’s belief is that the small step, every individual can take, can make a difference when considering the big picture of human evolution on the Earth.

HellasVeg’s Main Actions

Providing information and events on vegetarianism, health, animal welfare, the environment and poverty.

Advice for improving health & lifestyle/ diet along with recipes that will excite you.

Interactive communication and support to people who choose to reduce their meat consumption.

We are all responsible citizens

We consider our health and the well-being of animals; we want to reverse climate change and we oppose the great wealth gap that has condemned a large part of the population to poverty. We also want to discover fascinating vegetarian flavors that are in no way, inferior to meat. For all these reasons we put vegetarianism on our plate, every day!

Each one of us can

Every one of us can aim to reduce their consumption of meat by participating in the broad movement of flexitarians, regardless of their individual point of particular interest. But the steps do not end there – the protection of the environment and animals requires the respect of the contemporary man towards the general ecosystem, a respect that is daily confirmed (or refuted) by our small, but every-day choices.

Our News

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Press Release: HellasVeg announces a study on the vegetarian dietary habits of people in Greece.

The Hellenic Vegetarian Association (HellasVeg) was founded in Thessaloniki in 2021 with its main goal being the promotion of vegetarianism, ...

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