eu cancer plan

Europe’s beating cancer plan with veganism being the alliance

In the introduction of a thirty-one-page document, European Union notices that approximately three million European citizens are diagnosed annually with cancer and almost one million passes away, the total annual cost is estimated nearly 100 billions euros. Moreover, it is reported that the problem will be significantly worsen by 25% till 2035, unless we take action immediately. 

The plan predicts important cuts at a research level as well as implementation actions based on the existing conclusions. One of the plan’s pillars is to improve health by changing dietary patterns and enhancing exercise. It is stressed, that is crucial to reduce meat and meat products consumption, as they have been characterized (amongst all according to W.H.O’s decision in 2015) as cancer contributors. 

This plan is warmly supported by European Vegetarian Union (EVU), in which HellasVeg is a member, by emphasizing the reduction of red meat consumption contributes significantly to this mission.

The COVID-19 pandemic stressed the lack of a durable and sustainable food system and now offers the chance of taking action in order to improve health and environment. The current plant against cancer, like the action plan EE 2020 against child obesity, are all arguments when informing the consumers for healthier and more sustainable choices. It is a fact a variety of chronic diseases has been linked from time to time to our eating habits. That’s the reason why it is essential to re-examine the promotion policy of agricultural products, discouraging the promotion of unhealthy choices- an action capable of bringing changes.

Look at the detailed text of EU’s beating cancer plan:

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