Dietary choices with devastating consequences

Nowadays, we are facing unprecedented phenomena occurring in the planet. Powerful earthquakes, conflagrations, floods, are some of the most characteristic examples of those phenomena. However, the environmental disaster is caused by our daily choices and specifically our eating habits.

The current environmental repercussions, mostly related to food production are predicted to raise by 80% more till 2050. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), on its recent report acknowledged that «adopting a healthy and sustainable eating lifestyle presents many opportunities of decreasing gas houses emissions caused by food systems and enhancement of the human health. As a consequence, an eating lifestyle based in plant sources would consist a strong contributor to mitigating climate change»

The importance of altering our dietary patterns, in order to ensure at some point our planet’s health, influenced the creation of movies, series and documentaries. Documentaries such as «Cowspiracy» at Netflix and the new documentary «Εating our way to extinction», present images and statistics that mainly concern phenomena like deforestation, oceans’ destruction, species’ extinction and images where a tremendous amount of land is being burned, people losing their homes and ecosystems die. These documentaries consist a challenge for the public to consider and question their daily’s choices or even the industry leaders, revealing truths and watching the ecological crisis in the big screen.

It is essential that every and each one of us makes the difference and takes part in the effort of facing the climate change by reducing their diet’s carbon footprint. That happens as our diet is a major contributor to the climate crisis and the transition to a plant-based diet is one of the most effective steps that each of us can take individually.

The complete or partial replacement of animal proteins by plant proteins can benefit the human’s health as much as the ecosystem. The need of changing the eating habits of the contemporary human and the need of the transition to a more vegetarian diet combined with less consumption of red meat has been stressed in the European’s Union plan for combating cancer according to World Health Organisation. Planet’s recourses are limited and consequently our choices are extremely important.

Proveg supports intensively the effort of changing the diet habits by its campaign «Diet Change Not Climate Change» serving the ultimate purpose to empower the voice of this message so it can be heard more and more. We would like to ask you to sign the statement, located in the website of this campaign and through that we ask for:

  • Recognition and official statement for the repercussions of animal’s industry in the greenhouse phenomenon and the increase of planet’s temperature from the global leaders and
  • Commitment for investment and development of strategies that support and lead in food systems that are based or centered to plant sources.

Our planet is in peril and we are not allowed to ignore it, as its protection is a collective as well as a personal matter. It is a multilevel action that involves a shift towards healthy and sustainable eating patterns and significant improvements in agricultural food production practices. We have the power to do one step at a time, starting easily by changing our diet.

If you wish to take part in this effort please click here.


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